Pull Tab & Paracord Creations

                    PARACORD ITEMS FOR SALE


Paracord Bottle Holder With Clip 

$5.00 Ea.


Paracord Military Keyrings  

$6.00 Ea. 



Paracord Bracelets

Comes in many color and sizes with or with out cross charms

These bracelets are all handmade out of parachute cords and are made by me they are the new biggest trend they also come in many color and sizes are price range between $8.00-$15.00 at sports & outdoor my price is 

With charms $9.00 Ea.

With out charms $8.00 Ea.










Paracord Belts

Comes in many color and sizes Sm. Med lg $20.00

Xl size and up $5.00 more per size

Paracord Breast Cancer Ribbon:

paracord breast cancer ribbons comes in small and large sizes others colors available like yellow ribbon support our troops, red & yellow support our marines, orange & black support halloween or harley davidson I can also make school colors like red white blue red land patriots high school

Small $5.00 Ea. Large $6.00 Ea.

All Paracord Bracelets Come In many Size 

Breast Cancer Paracord Bracelets

$8.00 Ea.

Police, Fire, Emt, Registered nurse bracelets

Many other colors and sizes available $8.00 Ea.



Paracord Keyrings: 

other colors available$3.00 each  


Football, Baseball, Hockey Keyrings 

many other teams available just ask plus can put one name or two names on keyrings

favaorite team   $5.00 Ea.

One name $5.00 Ea.

Two names $7.00 Ea.


 Cowboy boot straps:

straps goes around cowboy boots many colors available buckle on side or in back chain underneath 

1 color $10.00 Ea.

2 color $15.00 Ea.