Pull Tab & Paracord Creations

                                                                PULL TAB ITEMS


 Aluminum Pull Tab Items

New items




 BIBLE Carry Bag

Small $30.00

Medium $35.00 

Large $40.00 


 Cell Phone Case

$10.00 Ea.




$10.00 Ea 


Computer Tablet Bag  




Skirt with shoulder straps and cross in back:

$70.00 Ea

Pull Tab Dress:

Comes in many sizes and length lace up sides or lace up front

$140.00 Ea.

G-String Bottom & Top:

Tie on side to adjust comes in many colors and sizes not to wear in water

Bra: $40.00 Ea.

Bottom: $30.00 Ea.



Pull Tab Skirt & Vest

Made with rings and tabs skirt comes in different sizes and length tie in front lace up side

vest: $70.00 Ea.  Skirt: $60.00 Ea.

Buy skirt and vest together



Skirt & Halter Top:

skirt lace or no lace up side tie in front

Top lace or no lace up side can lace up front both can be hooked together to make dress

Skirt: $60.00 Ea. Top $ 55.00 Ea.

Dress $ 150.00 Ea.


Shirt & Skirt:

shirt 2,314 tabs  skirt 1,104 tabs 

Shirt $100.00 Ea.

Skirt: $60.00 Ea.

Dress $150.00 Ea.


Pull Tab Pants:

Made with 3,089 tabs tie in front or belt loops size 14

$ 200.00 Ea.


Pull Tab Bracelets:

bracelets come in many sizes and colors straight or cross pattern

Bracelets $ 8.00 Ea. Color tabs $ 10.00 Ea.


Bottle Holders:

Made with tabs and rings or with Paracord with clip or strap

20 oz. bottle holder $ 10.00 Ea.

24 oz. $ 15.00 Ea.

16.9 oz. $ 8.00 Ea.


Cellphone Holder or Cigarette Holder:

Different colors and sizes available

$ 10.00 Ea. & up depend on size


Armor Headpiece:

made with metal rings or lace comes in many colors and size

$ 30.00 with rings

$ 40.00 with lace


Neck Lanyard:

Hang around neck comes in many color and sizes with or with out clip on bottom

$10.00 Ea.

Pull tab necklace and earrings:

comes in many color rings with silver tabs

Earrings comes in many color rings

Necklace: $ 13.00 Ea.

Earrings: $ 10.00 Ea.


Dog leach:

 comes in many colors and sizes

Sm. $20.00 Med $25.00 Lg. $30.00











Available in many sizes and color

First photo Small second photo large

Sm. $20.00 Med. $30.00 Lg. $40.00 Ea.


Pull Tab Earrings:

Comes in many color

$5.00 Ea. pair



Comes in many color and sizes available with or w/o concho also available with big and small tabs hat not for sale

 $15.00 hatband photo $20.00 with concho $25.00 with big and small tabs

Keyring with or with out concho:

 $5.00 Ea. w/o concho  $7.00 with concho  $8.00 with name and concho

Neck Tie:

Comes in Many color and size length

$15.00 for one in photo


Baseball Caps

 Comes in many color and sizes

$20.00 with bill $15.00 w/o

Wrist Protector:

Protect wrist from sword hitting it and goes around finger on hand

$25.00 a pair


Holder Top:

Comes in many color and sizes tie in front or no tie in front tie behind neck

Sailor Hat:

 comes in many color and sizes

$25.00 Ea.

Sept 13, 2009 Pa Renaissance Faire


Halloween Costume 2009








Halloween costume 2010


Halloween Costume 2011

Hands and feet are new and carry pouch on front is made out of pull tabs to I wore it on Oct 28-29 at roof park in the dark

Fairview township


Halloween Costume 2012

 This  outfit is all hand made by me is for sale. hat feet and hands and gun holster not for sale wore at freight night roof park Fairview township Oct 12-13 Oct 19-20 7pm-10pm