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page that shows people in outfit they bought from me




 The three photos above are from a guy name Kenny Fischer founder of Palletfest in Colorado's first  upcycling festival and Denver first certifiably green event the whole festival is about how we use waste materials again to re-create completely new objects




1.A lady bought this necktie from me and gave it to him as a birthday present 2 . a photo of a shirt he wore the tie on


A teacher bought this pull tab vest and she wore it to a science fair they had at the school


During my trip to Lancaster, PA. last week my mom and I went to my favorite Farmers' Market, Roots.  It is open every Tuesday throughout the year.  While there we came across something new, a bunch of things made out of soda/pull tabs.  These items were made by Michael Mixell.  I was able to meet him.  He was wearing a pull tab tie and cell phone holder.  There were several more items for sale than what is in the picture.  He makes shirts, pants, hats, skirts, fanny pouches, cell phone holders, water bottle holders, neck ties, etc.  You can find out more about Michael and see more of his creations at his website.  The amount of items that he has made out of pull tabs has really inspired me.

                                    Thank you all for the photos you sent to me


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