Pull Tab & Paracord Creations

                    Aluminum Pull Tabs


Man of many tabs

Pull Tab And Paracord Creations

Hi there thank you for coming to my site please take your  time to browse the site there is a lot to see All of the items  are made out of aluminum pull tabs or Paracord  by Michael E Mixell. New item is paracord bracelets they are made out of 550  paracord

Michael  Mixell of Fairview Township Makes a fashion statement out of recycling His shirt  is made out of  2,314 tabs. Mixell holds a water bottle, belt and cowboy hat hatband also made of pull tabs His wear is for sale on his website here

Oct 28 2007 York sunday newspaper

Morningstar Marketplace

There is stuff like Shirt, Skirt & Top, Pants, Halloween Costume, Baseball caps, Cigarette holder, Belts, Neck  lanyard Armor Headpiece, Purse, Bracelets, bottle holders,  Hip pocket, Dog leach, Necktie,Earrings, Keyrings, mini or long  Dress, cancer awareness bracelets. Breast cancer awareness  keyrings, autism bracelets and keyrings also i make police fire emt registered nurse keyrings and bracelets  

Please take ur time to check the stuff out on my photo/item for sale page  and Paracord page

If you Buy These Items You would be helping the world

They will difinitely generate a lot of interesting conversation and make a very Green statement about the wearer


Roots flea market on the flea market side and give them to Dolly  in the upper part of the barn she sells the clothing.

 Thank you for taking your time to save the tabs for me so I can make the stuff on here.

Please take the time if you are off work or don't work on tuesday please stop by Roots flea market Manheim Pa and go to the flea market side in the barn uppper half part of barn she is the one that sells all the clothing there and see the items there just ask for Dolly to show you the items not all stuff is there during the winter Hours .

During winter time items with ring are at home and summer time they are at roots during winter time please call me if you wanna see any items with rings on it Not all items are at roots

The photo you see on the fan page me standing beside the outfits with ribbon was taking at the York fair 2013 first prizes


  All prices subject to change without notice